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Especially during critical moments in a sports match, it’s pleasant for every player to receive feedback from an experienced coach. These tactics are transformed into the business world.

Founder of One Minute Coaching and coach Victor Mion has his roots in the world of top tennis. As a coach for professional tennis players, he knows how to influence the players’ mindset during the time-out. This is how the One Minute Coach(c) training originated. During the past 15 years, Victor has further developed his experience in the business world.

In 2011 his book “One Minute Coaching” was published. In 2021 the revised edition of One Minute Coaching was published in the Netherlands and in November 2021 translated into English.

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Book reviews

Nice book. Easy to read and not just for business. Also useful if you have children that you try to motivate or give insight. The booklet also holds up a mirror, ...... am I a good communicator? Where are my points for improvement and .... how do I come across? Going to read it for the 3rd time now!
Victor Mion is a fantastic coach and this book is very valuable because of that. Victor taught me One Minute Coaching 9 years ago and I still succesfully use this in all of my coaching sessions. Thank you, Victor!
• Uncluttered
• Practically applicable
• Clear message

The book is easy to read, easy to recognize and handy. Fits in your bag and you can always look it up.
This is a great book. It gives you something to hold on to. It's easy to read, it's to the point and clear!

Especially recognizing the situation did me personally very good. How to deal with such behavior is also nice and useful.

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