What is One Minute Coaching?

One Minute Coaching is developed by Victor Mion and has its origins in the world of top sport. During a match, a coach often has no more than a minute to give an athlete or sports team a push in the right direction to achieve all their goals. This ‘time-out principle’ has proven to be a practical tool for executives, managers and coaches over the past 12 years.

One Minute Coaching:

  • Improves actual performances immediately.
  • Makes a distinction between facts and mindset.
  • Motivates people within one minute.
  • Teaches people to be more resilient towards setbacks.

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Book One Minute Coaching

Victor Mion wrote a book about One Minute Coaching. It’s available now at Amazon.com!

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Top sports mentality in the office

Resilience and willingness to change must be continuously trained in a changing time that demands the utmost from people. A solid and competitive organisation has mental resilience, and with this characteristic it can easily cope with all changes; it is agile and eager to learn. One Minute Coaching trains managers and employees on these characteristics, the top sports mentality. Get to know the power of One Minute Coaching in a free introductory training!

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