Training One Minute Coaching

As a manager you want your team the get best out themselves. You want to motivate and inspire without the use of lengthy conversations. The One Minute Coaching training gives you the chance to get more out of yourself and your team. How?

By influencing an employee in his mental state ‘one minute at the time’. You do this in the moment, so you instantly respond to mental processes. Your coaching will be rewarded by the top performance of your employees. Our courses are taught by trainers who show resilience. Trainers like no other know how you can get the best out of another in ‘One Minute’.

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For whom?

You are a team leader in a dynamic environment. You are busy carrying out tasks and assignments, and you constantly don’t have enough time for your people.

You are a department manager and you notice that people are accustomed to receive instructions. You would like to get them in a proactive mode.

You work in a result-oriented environment and you are looking for a method that helps your people to become more successful. Except your people get stuck in making excuses.

You see that your people don’t develop themselves further and increasingly rely on familiar comfort zones.

Our training offer

The One Minute Coaching trainings are always short and intense, and don’t take more time than half a day (3.5 hours). The trainings bring movement, energy and motivation, and uses concrete practical situations as a basis. Learning and working are always combined. Our trainers work in accordance with the basic principles of One Minute Coaching.

Open training

(duration: 3 x 1 day part)

You are a team leader, supervisor or manager and you are interested to learn this method and you get, for some reason, no support from your organisation. In that case, an open training is the solution. During the training you are constantly challenged by the One Minute Coaching trainer and training actor.

Introduction workshops

(duration: 1.5 to 3.5 hours )

Four times a year we organize an introductory workshop in which managers from different companies learn in an interactive manner about the principles of the One Minute Coaching. A training actor brings the participants in a playful way specific and recognizable practice situations that are similar to their own workplace.

Incompany awareness sessions

(duration: 1.5 hour)

Participants learn and experience in a short time the basic principles of One Minute Coaching. The personal mindsets and ways how to control these are key. It increases the effectiveness of the influencing a state of mind in the ‘here and now’, allowing employees to become more flexible and commit more rapidly to assignments.

Interactive workshops

(duration: 1.5 to 3.5 hours )

In these workshops, the participants get started with the four mental states and communication techniques. Training actors facilitate a playful way to recognize the mental states of others and how to recognize and influence them. Practical situations are the basis of these workshops and all participants are invited to exercise.

Training One Minute Coaching at the workplace

(duration: 2 to 3.5 hours)

Training team leaders and supervisors One Minute Coaching on-the-job to recognize the mental states of the people, acknowledge and influence them. To coach immediately after a phone call the mindset of the agent becomes more committed and customer calls become more effective. This gives improved results at NPS, sales and customer satisfaction.