Straight talking

How do you create self-managing teams that work well together and achieve good results? With our training Straight Talking employees learn to recognize and acknowledge the mental states of colleagues. From there, they may determine when it is important to use the content and when not. They learn to really listen to each other and address each other about attitude and behaviour. Always from a positive angle. Colleagues are invited during the training to communicate from out their intuition and their strength. So now you know: choose for straight talking!
The approach: After a quick scan where the interviews with the employees give an indication of learning readiness, mental resilience and influencing strength, teams are trained in a classroom environment. Then several weeks later follows a workout with the teams on-the-job. A common language is created within the teams and the team develops more striking power.

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For whom?

The training Straight Talking is ideal for employees and colleagues who work in the same department or company.

Our training offer

The Straight Talking trainings are always short and intense, and don’t take more time than half a day (3.5 hours). The trainings bring movement, energy and motivation, and uses concrete practical situations as a basis. Learning and working are always combined. Our trainers work in accordance with the basic principles of the One Minute Coaching.

In company awareness sessions

(duration: 1.5 hours)

Participants learn and experience in a short time the basic principles of One Minute Coaching. The personal mindsets and ways how to control these are central. It increases the effectiveness of the influencing a state of mind in the ‘here and now’, allowing employees to become more flexible and commit more rapidly to assignments.

Interactive workshops

(duration: 1.5 to 3.5 hours)

In these workshops, the participants get started with the four mental states and communication techniques. Training Actors facilitate a playful way to recognize the mental states of others and how to recognize and influence them. Practical situations are the basis of these workshops and all participants are invited to exercise.

60 seconds to impress at the workplace

(duration: 2 to 3.5 hours)

To train team leaders and supervisors with One Minute Coaching on-the-job to recognize the mental states of the people, acknowledge and influence them. To coach immediately after a phone call the mindset of the agent. The agent becomes more committed and customer calls become more effectively. This gives improved results at NPS, sales and customer satisfaction.

Ambassador sessions

(duration: 2 hours)

Ambassadors are leaders who secure the learnings of One Minute Coaching within its own organization. They feel responsible for holding the ideas of One Minute Coaching. In some ambassador sessions to effectively deal with the issues of the day will be trained, that’s typical of the department, business unit or company.