One minute coaching

Training One minute coaching

Employees with a top sport mentality who are mentally resilient, can perform optimal. But how do you get them in that state? It is easier and less time-consuming than you think.
The supervision of your staff often consists of short moments, ‘Got a minute?’ The One Minute Coaching training gives you as a manager the chance to get the most out of these moments.
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60 seconds to impress

Customer Care: 60 seconds to impress

Conducting a good phone call is a profession. To stay focused on each call and perform again and again, and take up the challenge to make every phone call successful is top sport. How do you make sure, as a professional, every call is fun and stays that way? With our training 60 Seconds to Impress we train the mental resilience of employees with intensive customer contact.
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Straight talking - Klare taal

Teamtraining: Straight talking

How do you create self-managing teams that work well together and achieve good results? With our training Straight Talking employees learn to recognize and acknowledge the mental states of colleagues.
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