Training One Minute Coaching trainer

An external trainer in a in-company training always meets the special ambiance, system or culture. Undaunted, the coach is energetic and positive surprised to find the connection between an existing culture and his or her added value to that existing culture. He explores the qualities of the participants and the added value of this training meeting (s) for the culture of the company, department or team. A culture which is determined by the DNA of the company, the management and the composition of staff.

It goes without saying that it’s expected that every trainer has the mental resiliency to connect with the culture of each company. Mental resilience is embedded in the DNA of One Minute Coaching. The trainer training, trains the (future) leading trainers One Minute Coaching that mental resilience.
The trainer learns autonomously to deal with different organizational cultures. By going out of this and to focus on the strength of the organization, the coach helps to provide insight into the qualities of the organization and to make effective use of it.

The basis of One Minute Coaching will be ground in during five intensive sessions of two hours in a group with up to six other coaches. The participants are trained to handle all possible training situations with discipline and resilience. This allows trainers in all circumstances to manage their own mindset and perform in their power.

For whom is this trainer program intended?

The trainer course is designed for trainers who want to take the next step in their personal development, for actors who want to learn coaching and consultants who want to learn to deal positively with resistance of people in a group.

Are you excited and wondering if the One Minute Coaching trainer course is something for you?

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We always have an informal intake interview for further explanation and it offers you the possibility to see if One Minute Coaching suits you.

Membership One Minute Coaching

The membership for trainers, actors and consultants then provide for the deepening of the skills and the techniques of One Minute Coaching. Hired professionals as trainers, actors and consultants are frequently tested on the principles of ‘practice what you preach.’ For a minimum of three and maximum of six sessions members are trained these principles so it eventually becomes ‘a way of life.’ In addition, intervention moments intensify and deepen the mutual cooperation between the participants and the professional network will grow.
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