‘Pricewise is street-wise.’ A sexy and fast company with many young people who see Pricewise often as an ‘intermediate station’ in their personal development. Pricewise holds many different disciplines: IT, customer service, marketing, sales and acquisition come together. The habit of the employees is to communicate with each other in a modern way. Text messaging, apps, email, chat, is often used and is sometimes anything but personal contact. All just fine until there is a complication and that responsibility must be taken for a question which continues to ‘nag’. At such time initiative is required. Initiative to approach the other, searching and find the other.

We linked our Straight-Talking training to the Pricewise street-wise communication in moments like this. How do you approach the other with an open mind and a positive attitude? Consider the effects of a compliment during a cooperation. Keep an eye on what is achieved and not on what’s not. Or inspire for the future, without the analysis to go look for the reason why it failed. To understand that your cooperation begins when viewing the qualities of the fellow, the other team, the other department.

Straight-Talking also encourages to dare to be yourself. Young people often think they must adapt to the conventions of the company, while Pricewise just wants people to showcase their talents and explore themselves. Exactly! By thinking differently and dare to take dosed risks the people and Pricewise are getting better. The training Straight-Talking are offered in the first training months at Pricewise. They create a common language, achieve personal growth and give people the space to be themselves.