Dear bank employee, be prepared for the future.

The back offices of many banks are having a hard knock time. It’s about very experienced people who do good work for the bank and their customers based on their specialized knowledge. These people have developed the habit of waiting for what will happen. This happed also at the Back Office of Theodoor Gilissen Bankers in Amsterdam. A nice club of people in their forties who sweat under the tactile pressure of the sword of Damocles were making cynical remarks about the organization, management and the future.

With the Straight-Talking training the people trained to stand up for himself. And learned to protect themselves from the environment where they came from.  And picked up how to protect themselves with Straight-Talking without being a pain in the ass for another. And to become more aware of the mental states wherein they can choose to be themselves. This seemed to be impossible at that moment. It gave an additional option how to look at the current situation and was in that sense supported by many of the employees.