At the facility Contact Center of Xerox in Enschede, the team leaders trained, after consultation with the quality and innovation manager Anita Boschman, the use of the One Minute Coaching on-the-job. By walking around and gathering live information the team leaders could give immediate feedback in the ‘here and now’. They are trained in reading the mindset of the employee and know how to influence his or her state of mind in a light manner. The phone conversations of the staff increased in level and the sales results went up.

Anita Boschman commented:
“We put our employees in the center and equipped our team leaders (and delivery managers) with the techniques to support them. This was the initial intent in deploying One Minute Coaching. However, it has yielded much more; more job satisfaction and understanding among all the parties, effective coaching moments and significantly better (sales) results. Truly a good investment in employee engagement and growth.”