Customized training

One Minute Coaching training are always tailor made.

Based on preliminary talks with managers of the department or company, concrete, tangible and realistic goals are set for the training. Depending on the group size, company nature and goals of the training program, the training length varies from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours per session.

Each training program always consists of a number of sessions with an intermediate period of three weeks in which the learned techniques are applied in practice. The training sessions give the participants an energy boost, insight into how you communicate more effectively and increase awareness of the personal resilience.

Afther the training there is a common language within the team, which makes meetings more effective, coaching internally easier which results in a better working atmosphere.

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One Minute Coaching

As a manager, you want your team the get best out themselves. You want to motivate and inspire without the use of lengthy conversations. The One Minute Coaching training gives you the chance to get more out of yourself and your team.


By influencing an employee in his mental state ‘one minute at the time’. You do this in the moment, so you instantly respond to mental processes.

Your coaching will be rewarded by the top performance of your employees. Our courses are taught by trainers who show resilience. Trainers like no other know how you can get the best out of another in ‘One Minute’.

For whom?

Teamleaders, supervisors and managers who would like to quickly and succesfully get the best out of their people.

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60 Seconds to Impress
Customer Care

This training is ideal for inbound and outbound sales calls, sales and after-sales calls and inbound complaints handling.

Conducting a good phone call is a profession. To stay focused during each call and then again take up the challenge to successful execute the next phone call, is top sport.

How do you make sure, as a professional, every call is fun and stays that way? Even, if the mood is not so positive on the other side of the line.

With our training 60 Seconds to Impress we train the mental resilience of employees with intensive customer contact. Both in a B-to-B as in a B-to-C environment. Thereby learning your employees to turn the negative voltage to turn into positive energy in any conversation. How? By always – regardless to the course of the conversations – to stay positive on customer relationships. We use an unconventional approach that leads to more involvement with the employees and therefore among customers.

After a short 1.5-hour awareness session we train employees on the job. They are accompanied by their own team leaders and our One Minute Coaching trainer. Within a few hours, you will notice as a leader of the Contact Centre differences in perception and commitment and you will see better results.

For whom?

The training 60 Seconds to Impress is ideal for inbound and outbound sales calls, sales and after-sales calls and inbound handling of complaints.

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Straight Talking Teamtraining

How do you create self-managing teams that work well together and achieve good results? With our training Straight Talking employees learn to recognize and acknowledge the mental states of colleagues. From there, they may determine when it is important to use the content and when not. They learn to really listen to each other and address each other about attitude and behavior. Always from a positive angle. Colleagues are invited during the training to communicate from out their intuition and their strength. So now you know: choose for straight talking!

The approach: After a quick scan where the interviews with the employees give an indication of learning readiness, mental resilience and influencing strength, teams are trained in a classroom environment. Then several weeks later follows a workout with the teams on-the-job. A common language is created within the teams and the team develops more power.

For whom?

The training Straight Talking is:

ideal for employees and colleagues who work in the same department or company and need to communicate better. 

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Types of training

In addition to our open trainings and introduction workshops, we also offer One Minute Coaching in other forms. Check out the possibilities below or contact us for a customized training.

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Incompany awareness sessions

(duration:1,5 hours)

In 1.5 hours time, participants learn and experience the basic principles of One Minute Coaching. The personal mindset and the ways in which it is self-serving are central. The session increases the effectiveness of influencing in the “here and now”, making employees more flexible and committing themselves to assignments more quickly.

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Interactive workshops

In these workshops (which take 1.5 to 3.5 hours), participants get started with the four mental moods and communication techniques. Trainingactors playfully facilitate the recognition and awknowledge the influence of the mental mood of the other. Concrete practical situations form the basis of these workshops and invite all participants to take part and practice.

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60 Seconds desk training

(duur: 2 tot 3,5 uur)

Team leaders and supervisors train in 2 to 3.5 hours with One Minute Coaching on-the-job to recognize, acknowledge and influence the mental moods of the employees. By coaching the agent’s mindset immediately after a call, the agent becomes committed earlier and makes customer conversations more effective. This gives results improvement on NPS, sales and customer satisfaction.

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